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Ms. Rupali Dey (Principal)

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside” are the words of renowned writer Lon Walters which implies that school plays a vital role in shaping the bright future of kids. Modern School is committed to provide superior teaching standards with well-balanced academic and co-curricular activities. With the […]

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Mr. S.M. Joshi (Director)

FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK Greed is the root cause of all social evils. When human desires exceed the simple survival needs, corruption penetrates. As if population, poverty, illiteracy, brain drain was not enough, we have corruption impregnating into every aspect of our lives. Education is the only weapon that can be used to curtail corruption. Students, […]

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Mrs. Neeru Kapai (Director)

FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK This is the age of technology, therefore, it is no surprise that digital technology is also being used to educate students. There’s no denying that technology has great benefits for schools. However, any conversation that does not include the potential dangers of the widespread use of technology would not be complete. […]

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