In-house workshops

Modern school had organised In- house workshops in the month of June 2022. The topics were Stress Management (16.6.22) and Value Education (18.6.22). 

The resource persons for Stress management were Mrs. Neeru Kapai,Director Modern School Koradi Road and Miss Rupali Dey,Principal  Modern School Koradi Road,who enlightened the audience with their words which will definitely make a big impact on each and everyone present there.

Miss Rupali Dey was the resource person for Value Education conducted on 18.6.22 highlighting the importance of values in each individual and giving it a holistic approach.


Modern School hosted two days capacity building program on health and wellness on 19.12.2022 and 20.12.2022. Teachers from different CBSE affiliated schools attended this interactive training session conducted by the resource persons-Ms. Sarbani Bose and Dr. Rakesh Ranjan. Various engaging activities were held related to topics ranging from healthy growth, emotional wellbeing, mental health, interpersonal relationship, gender equality, nutrition, health and sanitation on day 1. Day 2 included more sensitive and important topics like prevention and management of substance abuse, reproductive health and HIV prevention, safety and security against violence and injuries, promotion of safe use of internet, gadgets and media. Teachers as health and wellness coordinators will initiate these activities with students to instill values and enlighten them on various issues thereby bringing a positive change in their outlook.

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