School Philosophy

Modern school believes in the philosophy of education as a ‘Life Long Process’. The school provides a safe and caring learning environment for its students which in turn helps them develop their critical thinking skills, self-respect, discipline and positive attitude.

  • We also focus on inculcating social skills of respect, compassion and empathy amongst our students which ensures building a strong character in them.
  • Through the ‘Co-Scholastic’ activities, we provide our students various opportunities to develop holistic and leadership qualities.
  • Based on our motto, ‘Work is Worship’ Modern School encourages ‘Life Skills Education’. These skills help the students to form a stronger foundation, enhance social competencies and take on the responsibilities of life well beyond their school days. This helps us fulfil our mission of ‘All Round Development’ and ‘Building Sound Character’.
  • Our experienced teaching staff uses multiple teaching strategies to communicate these values based on the diverse needs of the students.
  • Students with special needs are provided access to relevant curriculum and evaluation. Hence,we have always been the pioneers of ‘Inclusive Education’ in the city. In this way, our students truly become passionate learners with excellent interpersonal skills as well as responsible and socially active citizens of the country.
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