Road Safety Patrol

Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than parents, for these only gave life, those, the art of living.

– Aristotle

Education must be balanced and meaningful. Fuelled by our founder Principal and Director Mrs Neeru Kapai’s belief that it becomes incumbent for an institution to ensure every child is potentially capable of holistic development, Road Safety Patrol (RSP) was introduced in the year 2004. The school Principal Ms Rupali Dey also extends her support and encourages participation of the students for various RSP programmes. The RSP is guided by the motto of creating awareness for the students from early age about understanding importance of road safety and traffic rules. In last two decades the volume of traffic has increased in multiples. The National Education Policy 2020 also emphasizes the need for the experiential learning which has been successfully imparted by Modern School since the past so many years. The RSP aims to create awareness for the school children to follow the road safety rules and also sensitises them to prevent and reduce the road mishaps. RSP is part of Human Education which prepares the students to adjust well in society and contribute to the well-being of society. The RSP, an initiative of Nagpur Traffic Police, enables school children to actively participate in the road safety programmes and also get a hands-on experience in learning about civic awareness.

Modern School RSP cadets are charged with never ending passion and actively participate in all RSP programmes. Modern School believes that the basic principles of law and justice must be taught at an early age so that children grow as law abiding world citizens with a strong sense of humanity and justice for all.

Modern School along with RSP is imparting valuable information and training to the cadets right from standard 8 to 10 and provides a certificate issued by Nagpur RSP department on successful completion of the course.

Modern School RSP cadets have been bringing laurels to the school by winning a number of prizes in various competitions organized the Nagpur Traffic Police Department.

Regular workshops and awareness programmes are part and parcel of cadets’ training. In the year 2019, Modern School band won First Prize in the RSP Day programme.

Glimpses …

Mr Atul Agarkar from Nagpur Traffic Police branch
giving a PPT presentation and training to RSP cadets.

Students put up an excellent show in winning prizes in RSP day in march past, music and other cultural activities.

Boys’ RSP troop presenting a march past.


Boys’ RSP troop presenting a march past.

RSP Girls’ Troop Commander Ms Yojana Mohata
Second in Command leading all the 56 troops

Power packed performance by Modern School Band on the RSP day.

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