Skill Enrichment Activities

Based on our motto, ‘Work is Worship’ Modern School encourages Life Skills Education. These skills help the students to form a stronger foundation, enhance social competencies and take on the responsibilities of life well beyond their school days. So we integrate ‘Skill Education and Development’ at the school level so that the students can choose a vocation of their liking later on in life. During the Pandemic, Modern School came up with the Skill Education classes on the digital platform and students attended them enthusiastically. The students were taught the basic skills of effective communication skills, art and craft activities and button stitching, salad making, vegetable cutting – chopping – slicing, gardening, bed making, first aid, ironing clothes, button stitching, basic traffic rules, etc. The teachers of Skill Based Activities are also upgraded in their teaching practices and materials by attending workshops of experts from their respective fields.

On successful completion of these Skill based courses, students of Std X are awarded certificates by Road Safety Patrol Deptt., First Aid and House Keeping experts.

Students of Modern School had hosted the online SPIC MACAY Grand Masters Series on Sitar exponent Padma Bhushan Pt. Nikhil Banerjee which was presented live on the Youtube Channel.

Special workshops were conducted for better experiential learning of the students. A workshop cum lecture-demo on ‘Sketch Drawing’ was conducted by Prof. Suniti Vadalkar, Asst. Prof.FLAME University, Pune.

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