MODERN SCHOOL Excels in CBSE Class X Result (2022)

Std. X students of Modern School, Koradi Road, Nagpur have shown stupendous performance in the AISSCE Exam 2021-22 in this challenging year that underwent an upheaval. The school proved its spirit and excellence with an outstanding result. Out of   236   students who appeared for the Exam,   40  students scored 90% marks and above.

Making the school proud Mohini Nakade emerged as topper by scoring 98.6%, Ajinkya Chandak secured the second position with 98.2% and Awani Bhapkar, the third position by scoring 97.6%. The school’s 100% result is the testimony of its commitment to excellence. Under the CWSN  children with special needs have shown outstanding performance – Amol Sinha 78.4%   , Anshuman Kumar Singh 75.6%  , Rishab Kumar Singh 65.6% .      ,

The School Management, Director Mrs. Neeru Kapai, Principal  Ms. Rupali Dey, Manager Mr. Rohan Kapai and Headmistress Ms. Asha Deshraj congratulated the students for their wonderful performance and applauded the staff for the staunch  devotion towards  their work.

Subject wise toppers are:

Subject Name Marks




Sarvesh Lokesh 99
Krishiv Gupta 99
Aarya Amol Khairnar 99
Aashi Bhavishi 99






Mohini Nakade 100
Ajinkya Chandak 100
Awani Bhapkar 100
Sarvesh Lokesh 100
Aditya Jawarani 100
Ambarish Mondal 100
Satakshi Bang 100
Kimaya Bhaskar 100
Yashita Lakhanpal 100
Marathi Sakhi Waghmare 99
Hindi Manthan Pachghare 98




Mohini Nakade 100
Ajinkya Chandak 100
Awani Bhapkar 100
Sujal Nashine 100
Aryan Jawarani 100
Science Mohini Nakade 100
Social Science Ruchi Patil 100
Information Technology Yatharth Mendhe 100


No. of students who scored above 90% subject wise:

Subject Total number of students
English 65
Sanskrit 48 (out of 108)
Hindi 36 (out of 113)
Mathematics 26
Science 38
Social Science 49
Marathi 05 (out of 15)
Information Technology 44
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