About Us

Our Motto

श्रमेव पूज्यते (Work is Worship)

Our Mission

To provide “All Round Development” of students by cultivating independent thought, respect each other’s belief and differences, promoting the building of character and excellence in all endeavours.

Our Vision

To provide overall development and a sound character to our pupils so that they become exemplary citizens of tomorrow.

Who we are?

Modern School, established in 1987, continues its legacy of nurturing excellence in the field of education for the last 35 years. The school is regarded amongst the most reputed CBSE schools in Nagpur. Incorporating traditional Indian values, basic life skills and advanced technical tools make the teaching learning process at the school an enriching experience. Apart from providing quality education, the school believes in value system, the values that elders instil in youngsters as practised in the ancient time in gurukul tradition. The school provides the best in Information and Communication Technology with well-equipped computer labs and internet connectivity. With our motto ‘Work is Worship’, we intend to provide broader aspects of education to enable our students to excel as good human beings.

We, at Modern School, ensure quality education to the children. The school’s strength has grown considerably with the addition of many sections, and unmatched transport facilities from almost all parts of the city. With the dedicated and untiring efforts of the experienced teachers, the school has recorded 100% result for the past 13 years. By establishing a good rapport with parents and working on the feedback provided, the interests of the students are well taken care of despite the phenomenal success achieved during the past decade. Students are encouraged and motivated to do their best both in the curricular and extracurricular activities to develop their talents. The achievements of the students in various fields reflect the school’s commitment in giving the best to its students.

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