GRADE III, IV and V (Preparatory Stage)

Jewellery helps in enhancing one’s beauty. Jewelry is a form of art for self and creative expression. Jewellery making competition was held in the school on 5/8/2023 to showcase the creative talent of its students. The event aimed to encourage innovation and artistic expression among the students. The competition was a vibrant celebration of creativity and skill for the students of grade 3,4 and 5. The participants showcased an impressive array of designs using different materials. Their ability to transform ordinary materials into stunning pieces of art left the judges in awe.

The activity- in-charges and judges encouraged all to be active participants in all the future activities of the school. The school authorities – Mrs. Neeru Kapai -Director, Mr. Rohan Kapai – Manager, Ms. Rupali Dey -Principal and Ms. Asha Deshraj – Headmistress appreciated the participants’ zeal and motivated all to keep their competitive spirits high.